About Us

Our Mission is Exceeding Expectations

Our mission at thedavidKspace salon is to provide our clients and guests with unprecedented and unpretentious world class customer service, as well as extraordinary, personalized hair care. As industry leaders, we promise a pleasant and memorable visit each and every time.

thedavidKspace salon brand represents excellence, artistry, top quality hair care, service, iconic style, impeccability, reliability, trust and confidence. Everyone on our staff is committed to fulfilling the promise of our mission by working together as a team and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

When you say, “I love my hair! This is the style I always wanted, but didn’t know how to ask for.” Or say, “Everyone here is terrific; this salon reminds me of New York.” Those are expressions of exceeding expectations.

“New York is closer than you think!”

“When experience becomes memorable and unforgettable becomes timeless.”

A boutique salon experience

“I’ve recreated my New York City boutique salon (Salon Dada c 1990) by bringing excellence to our individually designed cuts and color, unpretentious service, intimate consultations and cool iconic style directly to our discerning clientele. It’s about a transformed salon experience and the expression of personal style. it is my intention to exceed our clients’ expectations at every salon visit. Ours is a comfortably cool and focused setting where my fellow artists are expressing their creativity, empowered in their personal growth and career development. Recognized as industry leaders by our peers, the media, editors and leading product manufacturers. Our talented team provides a transformed salon experience where our clients are fulfilled in their own sense of personal style.”

David Kinigson • owner & creative director

“Where every detail matters and nothing is overlooked.”

Our Logo

two perfect symbols representing
the tao of physical haircutting
circular and fluid
triangular and round
physics and geometry
minimalism and synergism
consultation and technique
interior and directional movement
architecture and the human element
silhouette and line
from point to point
shades of purple are symbolic of the third eye and crown chakras
intuition and consciousness
relative and quantum
the flow of energy and economy of motion
at its pure essence a haircut is based on a single fluid line
(final shape is a relative function of other subtle and more obvious variables)
the triangle is a self supportive and perfect geometric shape
round is generally more flattering than square
every haircut a work of art
look for the triangle and think round
(and think beautiful thoughts)