the glossy page

the glossy page
everything cool on the mainland
“New York is closer than you think…

with all the many goings on in hair, beauty, fashion and style every season on the island… coverage of the mainland is all but ignored. whew, now that the elephant has left the room, here are some items you might be interested in. that is, if you’re into slumming it.

a few loose ends you probably already know…

the Garage VV grand opening – on Northwood Road – is imminent. the brains and beauty behind Leftovers and Food Shack is about to do it again. phone ahead for reservations… even before they actually open.

quietly in the cloak of darkness, the recently opened, O-BŌ (where Jade Kitchen used to be) is a big hit among the slumistas. dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday night (the rest of the week you go hungry).

2013 Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival… DK favorite: The Last Supper with Clay Conley & Todd English. tickets sell out fast. use code PBFW20 for 20% discount.

David Kinigson of thedavidKspace salon & academy is awarded the Créateur de Mode 2013 at the Night of the Stars in Paris for his participation as a founding member of the Intercoiffure Artistic Team, as well as, his contribution to the first North American Collection “American Style.” unable to attend the Parisienne gala due to a scheduling conflict, David received the prestigious award at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC this October.

footnote: The American Style Collection featured Palm Beach as one of only five iconic American styles to represent American style.

check the collection for Palm Beach style…

meet the ICA Artistic Team and see the behind the scenes video for the Americana photo shoot for Intercoiffure Mondial…

that’s all for now. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you… think beautiful thoughts


…because New York is wherever I am.”


teaser… musified hair jewelry coming soon


the fine print… © 2013 David Kinigson and the musified group inc… all rights reserved … the glossy page is another musified project…. think beautiful thoughts