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pureEducation for the thinking haircutter

when you register for a program with thedavidKspace academy you begin an exciting educational adventure. a breakthrough discovery of haircutting excellence and professional transformation.

at the academy we respect each person’s level of experience and each professional knows his or her own level of competency and proficiency. each one of the 9 programs we offer can dramatically improve your skill level. however, when the secrets of (excellent) hairCutting syllabus is approached as a complete course of study the diligent student/professional has the opportunity to transform their perspective of the salon and client experience, as well as, obviously broaden their haircutting technique and consistently exceed expectations.

each workSpace in our designTrinity1 makes available practical information and techniques you will find useful in the salon on a daily basis.

in order to get the maximum value we recommend participating in the entire designTrinity1 within a concise timeframe. for maximum results we recommend students complete the designTrinity1 in consecutive order. upon successful completion of each workSpace you will receive thedavidKspace advanced certificate of completion.

programs are offered as a oneDay and twoDay workSpace (sunday and monday) unless otherwise noted. take a oneDay for a quick education fix and a twoDay for a more comprehensive course of study. each workSpace in the designTrinity1, cuttingTrinity2 and legacySeriesincludes: demonstrations, original techniques and theory, inspirational conversations and “live” handson limited to 10 participants except where noted. oneDay programs may not include handson.

group discounts are available.

a 50% non•refundable deposit is required to reserve a place in a workSpace; the balance is due 2 weeks before the start date. curriculum, dates and tuition are subject to change without notice. for a small cost we provide a very cool box lunch.

in each of our programs we share our vision to inspire your dreams!

think beautiful thoughts