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thedavidKspace salon offers a variety of promotions to show our appreciation to our loyal and valued clientele. as our economy strengthens we periodically offer different opportunities for savings. we invite you to visit our salon… have a consultation… join our mailing list… like us on facebook… and enjoy savings on your beauty and grooming amenities








ask about CRAP cards! you and your friends save and earn rewards!

C.lient R.eferral A.ppreciation P.rogram – we want your “crappy” referrals!


giftCards & beauty & grooming packages

theSpace “little ‘purple’ giftCards” makes a great gift for someone you love and care for or keep it for yourself… we won’t tell!

giftCards are available in any amount. $25 . $50 . $100 . $250 . $500

theSpace “little ‘purple’ giftCard”

at thedavidKspace we personalize custom beauty and grooming packages for holidays, special occasions when you want to tell someone how much you appreciate them • theSpace “little ‘purple’ giftCard” makes any day a special day • purchase a giftCard today and give the gift of purple