the obvious collection

your answer in the form of a question…

at best, pure collaboration is a lofty ideal; a sketchy notion of a difficult and uncompromising undertaking. odds are synergy would happen more frequently if not for an abundance of unfettered egos. notwithstanding, it is even more uncommon for a former Madison Avenue idea man to receive a cryptic, yet humble, voice memo from an international photographer describing his want to jive on a creative project. with nary a modest moment of thoughtful deliberation the ad man accepted the request. with that, a nomadic team of talent was soon enlisted. from the outset a simple photographic agenda: produce one iconic fashion image. brief late night encounters and numerous brainstorming sessions unconcealed a larger, more formidable concept. with a nod and a wink, to capture and shoot one mannequin, cut, colored, coiffed, contrived and painted; clad in vintage and dropped into surreal scenarios around the world, whilst being stalked by paparazzi oblivious to the obvious. one muse; divine inspiration? when mediocrity has carelessly become the new standard of excellence, i’ll take creative egos for a thousand Alex. your answer in the form of a question. “what is stating the obvious?”

notes from the limited edition book by Sir Alexander Benson . man about town . twenty thirteen


photographs by john ciambrone… concept and art direction by david kinigson . for the obvious collection… featuring elizabetta fantone…”what is stating the obvious?”… all haircuts, color and on set styling by thedavidKspace creative team… (David Kinigson and Melrose Telles)… makeup… Erika Del Valle…clothing and wardrobe styled by Dina C’s Fab & Funky Boutique wpb (2013)