the birth of the next cool

“i love you; me either…”

this photo essay documents a cinéma vérité of an historically fleeting fashion moment of the nineteen sixties. a legendary black and white night; a New York City Hotel room; British photographer Derek Karlton captured the “it” of style, immortalized the revolutionary breed of “non-model model” and invented “the birth of the next cool”.

a romantically compelling monochromatic fable, our “living black and white photograph” portrays pouty beatific “yeah yeah” girls, faux lashed eyes, duotone cuts and idle wild vanity; a voyeuristic perspective into the diametric dynamic of the apathetic muse. sexy sex… moi non plus… mode IQ… film noir… femme fatale… say vérité… iconicStyle… qu’est-ce que c’est?

“the birth of the next cool”

on that night, in the hotel room and in those legendary photographs iconicStyle was born and bred good ’n’ proper… the rest, as they say, is historical. DK would one day be knighted for redefining style and the next cool. the girls will forever remain sacred in our hearts as the “it” girls of “yeah yeah”.

in 2009, for the group art exhibit showtel, thedavidKspace salon contributed a six-hour-non-stop live performance art installation “i love you; me either…” (aka iconicStyle) “the birth of the next cool”. conceived by David Kinigson, this photo essay – seen through the mind, eyes and lens of Maria Lankina – chronicles that living black and white moment.

DK WPB.NYC (excerpts from the 2012 limited edition coffee table book)

photos by maria lankina… for the showtel exhibit… “i love you; me either…” all haircuts, color and on set styling by thedavidKspace creative team… (David Kinigson, Parker Plotkin, Anita Hawke and Brianne Purnell)… makeup… Nikki Copeland (2009)