license to touch 16


(and in th end) a personal message from david kinigson as we approach the completion of another year i invite you to take a moment and think about this…
every one of us is different from the other
each with our own quirks and idiosyncrasies, shortcomings and attributes
in our own unique way we are all different
yet it is our individuality that we have in common
the differences we share are precisely what makes us the same
some of us are shy, timid, willing to go along and
some of us are assertive, vocal, willing to take a stand
we are decisive and we have doubts

under certain circumstances we have concern or worry
at times we exhibit confidence
some of us are creative, temperamental, even arrogant
others of us are humble, sensitive and artistic
whether we are impractical, pragmatic
passionate, flexible or authoritarian
tolerant, impatient, altruistic, charitable, selfish or self centered
optimistic, pessimistic, compassionate, ego driven, selfless
we all ebb and flow; rise and fall and rise again through and with life
we have happy moments, joyful and otherwise memorable
punctuated with times of sorrow or grief, anger and upset
there are those times we’d rather forget
but can’t seem to shake from our mind
some of us see the glass half empty while others see it half full
like the two sides of a coin you can’t have one without the other
we share qualities
we might even aspire to characteristics we admire in others
that which we dislike in others is often
what we are unwilling to confront in ourselves
we are like mirrors for one another…
a reflection of who we are and can be for each other
there are those of us who are followers and
others we look up to as our leader
we applaud triumph and we rally around tragedy
we honor heroism and exalt bravery
sometimes we scorn the rebels and radicals
who stand on either side of center with revolutionary ideas
ideas which may be accepted in our lifetime and at other times
life has to catch up with the difference makers and original thinkers
throughout it all there isn’t one of us who doesn’t
revere excellence and salute the extraordinary
here’s to each of us who in our own way aspires to
the space of excellence and a commitment to the extraordinary
here’s to ordinary people taking extraordinary actions
ready to meet each challenge on our path with courage
knowing it takes something to face and overcome hurdles along the way
here’s to those of you who are a part of the small team of
thoughtful and dedicated people who with commitment
purpose of being and intentional action can move providence
fulfill destiny and accomplish whatever it is
we set ourselves toward fulfilling
here’s to stating the obvious…
we are all different and that’s what makes us the same
leaving one clear choice setting you apart from the pack


transcend dogmatic schools of thought and
take a quantum leap outside of your personal or creative box and
do what’s right for most people
stand up, be counted, change the world and make history
one person can make the difference

© 2011 David Kinigson and the musified group. all rights reserved.

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