david kinigson (career bio)

dKbiopicDavid Kinigson (aka David K) is an “A-list” New York City haircutter, internationally renowned salon owner, top fashion magazine and celebrity stylist, author, television personality, consultant, spokesperson, celebrated educator, magazine editor, art director and renaissance artist. David’s career has spanned four decades; currently he is a founding member of the prestigious Intercoiffure Artistic Team and ICA Cutting Council. a recognized Master of the Craft, David is a recent recipient of the Créatuer de Mode Award 2013.

with a lifelong passion for excellence in beauty and empowerment through education, David has dedicated his career to “the quest for the perfect haircut” – as well as – “a transformed salon experience.”

well known throughout the beauty and fashion industry, David Kinigson is “the most famous hairdresser you’ve never heard of.”* as an editorial hairdresser David’s hair styles and style forecasts have appeared on the pages and covers of magazines such as: Harper’s Bazaar, The Vogues, Elle, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Interview, ‘W’ and Allure. David is fortunate to have shot with such acclaimed photographers as, Francesco Scavullo, Steven Meisel, Patrick Demarchelier, Michael Halsband, Tiziano Magni, Susan Shacter, Andrea Blanche, Marc Hispard, Catherine Leuthold and Kurt Markus. among the celebrities on David’s extensive client list are Donna Karan, Faye Dunaway, Brooke Shields, Darryl Hannah, supermodels, celebrities, personalities and USA Olympians.

a true creative thinker and spiritual artist, David is acclaimed for his “Zen like” approach to haircutting and cool iconic style. during the 90s he owned Salon Dada™ – arguably the most influential downtown NYC hair salon and Dada Academy™ one of the first and most successful independent advanced haircutting academy. David, his haircuts and his concepts have graced the pages of Modern Salon, American Salon, Beauty Launchpad, Behind The Chair. com, Salon News and many other beauty and trade magazines.

on New Years Eve 2008 David opened thedavidKspace salon & academy – a boutique salon experience™ and a progressive institute for higher learning™. his national academy presents (pure)Education for the thinking haircutter™ – an original curriculum in which we share our vision to inspire your dreams. the curriculum composed of nine programs features: the artScience of hairCutting™, secrets of (excellent) hairCutting™, inGenius™ techniques and iconicStyle™.

30 years ago David created The Plane Blending Method™, pioneered dry haircutting and a post-modern evolution impacting the salon and client experience. known as physicalHair™, David’s breakthrough approach to: individually created coutureHair™, elegant haircutting method and graceful blending techniques, consultation fundamentals and listening skills, salon concepts and protocols for excellence are now industry standards.

his evolutionary Theory of Hair Relativity™ aka physicalHair – is a progressive paradigm of advanced haircutting theory beyond geometrics into the physics of haircutting and “the human element.” in August 1995 (in an analog era… before reality television and social networking) Allure magazine named David the first Shear Genius.

from his groundbreaking Sassoon soirée presentations such as – Sassoon/Picasso Homage, Audrey Hepburn Slash Fringe and M-Factor – (until the time he was fired from the Fifth Avenue Vidal Sassoon for shaving his eyebrows) – David Kinigson has established quite a creative reputation. his live stage shows (Dada Manifesto at Hair Cares/Beauty Cares) and (the ALTernative eXposition NYC), performance art installations (“i love you; me either…” the birth of the next cool at Showtel 7), and (alternative)Inspiration (The Musified Collection) are always memorable, entertaining and thought provoking.

highly praised for his inspirational classes, Kinigson is a nationally recognized Master of the Craft and a member of Intercoiffure’s prestigious Cutting Council and ICA Artistic Team. David frequently appears as a guest speaker and platform artist at hair and beauty industry events and has appeared on television shows as diverse as the Ricki Lake Show and Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party. a private haircutter to models and celebrities, magazine editors often interview David for his insight into hair, beauty, style and fashion forecast, as well as, qualities of professionalism and teamwork.

David is a highly sought after private coach consulting salon owners in areas of interest ranging from advanced haircutting training and inspirational conversation, right on to developing leaders from within and building a sustainable in salon education program. he is a personal consultant to salon owners and managers; his client list includes: L’Oréal Professionel, Klinger Advanced Aesthetics, Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Maximus, Ergün Tercan European Salons, ARTec/textureline, Jingles, Vidal Sassoon, Peter Hantz and Pierre Michel.

and, as if that weren’t enough, David is an accomplished and published author and editor. along with numerous articles Kinigson wrote Language and Education . The Haircutter’s Handbook. with a preface by Vidal Sassoon and endorsed by countless industry leaders, The Handbook is recognized as an essential salon education tool currently used by more than 5000 hairdressers in over 1500 salons.

in addition to hair, beauty, fashion and women, David has many other interests; he is a Contributing Editor and writer for Closer Magazine; his beauty and fashion photographs have been published; he holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has run the NYC Marathon; he is a singer/songwriter and recording artist of original songs; founded The Musified Group empowering musicians and artists to further their careers. currently David writes for his blog “License to Touch” (these are) confessions of a heterosexual male hairdresser.

unique to David’s near forty year hairdressing career, and intrinsic to his life’s work, is his concurrent forty year participation in personal development, transformational, metaphysical and ontological studies. since 1977 David has lead transformational seminars for thousands of people on topics ranging from relationship, communication, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, creating possibility, sex, the body and health and well being. all of Kinigson’s original theories and philosophies draws upon all aspects of his autodidactic studies, personal growth and development, literary and athletic background and commitment to educating and expanding others.

David Kinigson has been a hairdresser in America and Europe and is acknowledged as a cutting edge leader in advanced wet and dry haircutting skills, creativity and style; he is an inspirational spokesperson on professionalism, service, teamwork and integrity. Mr Kinigson is proud to be a member of Intercoiffure America/Canada. David is a native New Yorker who has lived in South Florida for eleven years; he currently resides in West Palm Beach.

*(Palm Beach Proper) . foto Lila Photos