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“Equally luxe (as Frederic Fekkai), but more edgy, is The David K Space Salon in West Palm Beach. Owner David Kinigson is known for genius cuts, and his conditioning treatments come with head and neck massage.”

 Ocean Drive Magazine  March 2013


Modern Hair by Stephen Brown for Palm Beach Illustrated

Trend-driven, modern and artistic. thedavidKspace makes hair a canvas, the styles works of art reminiscent of the pages of Vogue. The chic salon with the urban flair seen in New York City and Los Angeles is tucked away in the eclectic stretch of Northwood.

Namesake and principal stylist, David Kinigson, is an internationally recognized hair-cutting wizard, whose styles have been showcased on the glossy pages of magazines, and was named the first Shear Genius by Allure magazine in 1995.

David K tested his mettle in the 1990s with his downtown New York City Salon Dada, and penned Language and Education: The Haircutter’s Handbook. K’s penchant for that chic look and passing along the techniques to the latest round of hipster haircutters has made thedavidKspace one of the most sought-after chairs in the state, let alone in the 561. 561-340-6400


Kimberly S – Boca Raton, FL – 1/22/2014 … My experience at David K Space has been an amazing one! My first visit included a consultation with David K, who is very caring and knowledgeable. I ended up going from blonde to red, which is a very scary thing! From the start, I was made to feel at ease and I knew instantly that I was in expert hands. My stylist is Melrose and she is amazing! She gives me the perfect cut and color every time. I get compliments on my hair all of the time – even from other hair professionals. People actually think I’m a natural redhead!!!! All in all, if you are looking to make a major transformation with your look, or even just looking for the perfect cut and color, you should go see Melrose at David K Space.

Tiffany G – New Orleans, LA – 1/21/2014 … You have to go to the David K Space and see  Melrose. She will change your life! Ha That may sound a tad dramatic but us girls know how important our hair is!! Whether you’re there for a cut or color she is the best. I always have people stopping me asking me where I get my hair done. I do blonde highlights with a darker root. Seems like an easy request but she’s the only person I’ve found who is able to give me the look I want and it’s perfect every time. I forgot to mention I’m very picky and particular, and I still always leave happy and loving my hair.  On top of all that, she’s very sweet and fun to talk to. I love Melrose and so will you!

Shirley W – Design District, Miami – 1/21/2014 … I moved to Miami 4 years ago and after desperately hoping from salon to salon, always feeling frustrated and that they didn’t understand my hair, I made the trek to West Palm to see Melrose after seeing the awesome haircut she had done on my friend.What I loved first was how laid back and friendly everyone was. Melrose was immediately available and we set to chat. She is so warm and vibrant and just made you feel at ease, like with an old friend. She seemed to quickly get me and what I wanted and we were off… I had my hair washed by a super friendly girl and back to Melrose who blew out my hair carefully to cut it dry. Although I’m a super friendly and talkative person myself, I don’t necessarily love having to do an hour of forced small talk with my hair stylist but with Melrose, we immediately dove into to really wonderful real conversation… something which made me even happier to be there because as I got to know her I got to see what a good-hearted, loving person she is … and if someone is going to have their hands and energy all over me, that’s just the kind of person I want! When she was done, I was so surprised at my cut!!  It looked so beautiful and so different at the same time. I say this because since I have wavy, unruly hair, no matter what I ask for, I end up getting the same old Jennifer Aniston like do from the stylist, that  is both boring and eventually, once the salon styling is gone, bulks up like a pyramid. From then on,  no matter how hard I try, there is never any defining shape to it and its all just a mess of frizz and waves. I thought it was just my unruly hair but after Melrose I realize that was not my hair but the stylist all along. Melrose so clearly understand how my hair moves and falls and she gave me super unique long layers that thinned out my hair while still giving it beautiful shape. It has been about a month and I am still constantly surprised at how well my hair looks, how much shape I can give it and how beautiful it falls. It wasn’t overdone, or underdone, it was just right. I feel feminine, confident and so happy with my hair now and will absolutely be making the trek up there from here on out!I will also say that David the Salon owner made sure to come by and introduce himself afterwords, noting I was a new face, and seeming very sincere to get to know me and welcome me. Overall an awesome experience! If you have straight or curly hair, GO TO MELROSE!!!

Brock G – Lake Worth, FL – 6/18/2013 … David has created an amazing place in Northwood. Great atmosphere, friendly and talented stylists, and the music is always downright hip! And let’s get serious. This isn’t a fake review. The stylists at David K charge different prices based on experience. I’ve gone to solid salons in Vancouver, San Francisco and Minneapolis. The David K Space holds its own with salons at larger cities. In my experience the cost at David K is certainly reasonable for the caliber of the stylists.

Lourdes H- Bronx, NY – 5/10/2013 … Knowledgeable staff. The salon is gorgeous and they use top of the line products! Melrose is fabulous! She gives a KILLER haircut!

Sean I – Delray Beach, FL – 5/5/2013 … Great use of space, lofty Brooklyn feel. Excellent service from start to finish, friendly staff. I only get my haircut twice a year (probably should go more..) but I only go here and I only go to Parker. I kind of just let him do what he wants and never disappoints. Badass stylist…oh and right around the corner after your cut, check out the burger spot!

Kelly D – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – 4/12/2013 … I always hesitate to try new salons as once I find a good stylist, I’m usually with them for years!  But, I had recently moved and needed a salon in the West Palm area. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew the David K Space was different.  They didn’t just sit me in a chair and start cutting, but consulted me about what I like/don’t like about my hair, my lifestyle, and what I would like my hair to look like. Kristina is an amazing colorist and Parker is a top notch stylist. Both are incredibly attuned to what their clients want!  It’s been two years now and I will continue to return again and again!

Kris G – West Palm Beach, FL – 4/12/2013  The David K Space is a spectacular salon, I have been going there for years now. Parker is absolutely outstanding – it’s a great experience every time! Kim is doing a fantastic job as well. They always, always make me look and feel beautiful. 5 STARS!!!!

Dorothee L – North Palm Beach, FL – 4/11/2013 … This is not your mothers over priced under-delivered salon. From the moment you call to make your appointment, you are consistently greeted with competence. The staff shocks you, not only are they talented artists, they LISTEN to what YOU want and then have the talent and gusto to execute it! Kim saved me from a potential hair-tastophy 2 days before my wedding, and she did so with calm cool confidence that put me at ease. I have very long straight hair and am “difficult” with “stylist” cutting my hair. When I wanted my first major change to go from long and svelte to short sassy bob, Parker was the only one I trusted. Not only was it a wonderful experience, it was a masterpiece of thought and knowledge. At David K, David himself walks the floors, commenting, teaching, acknowledging, improving, connecting not just with clients but with the staff…it hits you what a family they are. Not the gossip-ridden salon your mom used to go too, no, the David K space is a place where artistry shapes your hair so you leave balanced, happy, and best of all with amazing hair! Go, experience it, you will never go anywhere else again!

Eric B – West Palm Beach, FL – 4/11/2013  I’ve been going to David K for a couple years now, and I always see Parker. He’s a total artist and has never disappointed. In addition to being excellent at his craft, he’s very personable and we always have a good conversation. Everyone who works there is extremely friendly and great at what they do. I always look forward to going in!

Alli S  – North Palm Beach, FL – 4/10/2013 … I hadn’t had my hair cut for months and wanted a major update. I showed Parker a couple of pictures and we discussed my options. He gave me an idea of what he thought would work and GASP! he actually did what he said he would do and my hair came out awesome! It’s just the length and style I asked for and I love it! I would definitely recommend Parker and thedavidKspace to anyone looking looking for a great haircut and an excellent salon experience.

Jackie B – Palm Beach Gardens, FL – 4/10/2013 … David K Space is the best! I struggled to find a good hairdresser for years. Whenever I would ask someone to simply trim because I was trying to grow my hair I would end up leaving in tears. Finally I was referred to Parker and I have been going to him for the past 2 or 3 years and have never been happier with my hair.  He does EXACTLY what you ask he is a mastermind with hair!!!:)

Stephanie M – West Palm Beach, Fl – 11/13/2012 … I’m so glad I found David K Space. Kim gives me the best color/highlights I’ve ever had and Parker = amazing cuts. My hair is also the healthiest it’s been, thanks to their treatments and care advice. One other thing I Love about this place is the fact that I always get an outstanding scalp massage while at the shampoo bowl 🙂

Megan S – Lake Worth, Fl – 11/13/2012 … Highly professional and personal service. Beautiful and stylish studio space. Highly personalized and specific consultation on your hair; they really care about doing exactly what’s right for your hair and look! Definitely a unique experience. My new highlights look very natural and beautiful. Highly recommend!

Debby C – West Palm Beach, Fl – 8/11/2012 … David K space is amazing! So are all the specialists that work there-especially Ms Brittany Duarte!

Lourdes H – West Palm Beach Fl – 8/8/2012 … The DavidKSpace Salon is definately the best in town. Just the fact that it caters to long hair is something that I appreciate. The staff is always very nice and professional. The atmosphere is very hip and the cutting edge stylists make you feel like a rockstar every time! My stylist is Parker and I highly recommend him. He is very methodical and takes his time when cutting your hair. I love this salon and there is nowhere else in WPB that I would go to!

Dyanne M – Palm Beach Gardens, Fl – 8/7/2012 … I love the DavidK Space! My hair is super curly and difficult to cut, but Parker does an amazing job every time! Everyone else there is also so nice and fun to chat with:)

Roxanne J – West Palm Beach, Fl – 8/2/2012 … I heart the davidkspace. Every time I walk in the salon, whether for a perfectly precise cut by Parker, or for dazzling shiny color by Evan, I feel comfortable and at home ready for an exceedingly delightful experience, and leave feeling beautiful and inspired. Looking back on my very first visit, my expectations were beyond met! I am typically nervous going into any salon, with fears that I will be shuffled around without a voice, leaving frustrated and unsatisfied. My fears were eased after first meeting with one of the salon directors, Anita, then with DavidK himself, before ultimately being placed with stylists that they felt would match me perfectly. I was so shocked that they would take the time to sit with me, get a taste of me as a person as well as my style, and find out exactly what I needed/wanted. I had never experienced a salon so devoted to making SURE I walked out with results even better than what I had envisioned walking in! And that has remained true EVERY visit since! Please do yourself a favor and make an appointment! You will freaking love it.

Suzy S – Jupiter, Fl – 8/2/2012 … What more can I say- even my mother loved my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great salon, amazingly talented staff and ty Brittany for always listening to my ideas then making them better:) Totally agree with Joshua re ’15 mins and you’re out’ comment. (scroll down and see Joshua) Have never felt rushed or that it’s “just a job” – they are passionate about what is actually an art and could compete with Da Vinci any day-the greatest thing for me which sets them apart from others is the fact that once I have washed my hair it looks just as good as when I left the salon- unheard of!!!!!

Justina L – Fairfield, Pa – 8/1/2012 … Service is personable without overwhelming you. Great stylists and my first choice for colorist, Christina.. trying to gracefully go fro, dyed hair to a ‘graying/silver’ best find in the Palm Beaches to date.

Tar S – Pheonix Az – 8/1/2012 … I was so happy to find a salon outside of NYC that does good hair… and is professional and fun and not “flaky”. I hate flaky hairdressers and they seem to be in abundance. ANYWAY. My hair was breaking off and was horrible from a bad color at another salon. I was looking for a wig, that’s how bad it was. Then I found Kristina. I had a good feeling about her from the start, she’s super cute, sweet and has cool hair. She fixed my hair by correcting the base and very gently re-highlighting and low lighting. It was beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was saved! THANK YOU! I see Kristina whenever I am in FL for color and I see Parker for cuts. I love them. The kerastase treatment is a MUST. It seems expensive but yr hair will never feel so good in yr life. Worth every shiny hair penny.

Joshua S – Jupiter, Fl – 8/1/2012 … Parker and crew bring hair-styling to a new level in this hip, trendy salon. Perfect for women and men who want something more than the “15-minutes and you’re out” approach to hair. The personal attention, creativity, atmosphere, and top-of-the-field skill on display in this emerging salon aren’t duplicated anywhere else in Palm Beach County – maybe even Ft. Lauderdale and north. Downtown West Palm needs places like this to show that it’s not old and stuffy. It’s amazing to see how a few local businesses have begun to give WPB a “vibe” – and not just a vibe, but true excellence as well. thedavidKspace is more than just about a “trim”. It’s about a lifestyle choice that believes that quality should be rewarded, creative professionals should thrive in South Florida, and culture is crucial to any urban area. Thank you David, Parker, and staff for doing so much more than beautifying people – you’re beautifying our city and expanding our minds!

Joe B – West Palm Beach, Fl – 7/31/2012 … What a fabulous salon, with fabulous stylists. Parker has the magic touch. David is also very impressive. A must for anyone looking to get a real haircut.

William R – Stuart, Fl – 1/17/2012 … Parker at thedavidKspace is nothing short of genius when it comes to hair.  His ability to bring to life my whims and style changes without missing a beat is had to find elsewhere. People are constantly complimenting my hair anther I just got a cut or anther it’s had 2 months to grow out. His cuts and styles are just THAT good. If you are looking for chic, sophisticated and edgy styles look no further than Parker.
In addition, the staff at the salon is also exceptional!

Alicia B – West Palm Beach, Fl – 7/8/2012 … Amazing salon!!! Melrose is the girl I go to for a cut and it’s like no other cut I had before. Yes a little pricey for a haircut but worth every penny because no one can cut my hair as good as she does. I have heard the other stylists are great as well.

DivaDi M – West Palm Beach, Fl – 3/16/2012 … What an amazing Salon!  From atmosphere to Iconic hair David has created the BEST salon experience with a team of professionals who work synergistically.  I am proud to be part of the davidK space  “team of professionals”.

Rula G – West Palm Beach, Fl – 2/18/2012 … Have been going for almost 2 years now. Kim is great for color and Parker always does a fantastic job with my hair! Well worth the price.

Mia F – West Palm Beach, Fl – 12/13/2011 … I have had nothing but the BEST experience from start to finish anytime I have gone to David K Space.  The owner David sat down with me and spent quite a bit of time helping me work through what look I wanted and how to get it, every stylist, every colorist SO nice and so helpful.  My hairdresser Parker is amazing and my colorist Christina the same.  I never leave there looking anything but really professionally coiffed and turning heads!  Most importantly, there is a friendliness and approachability about the place – you never feel like you have to hide your purse from Target!!  Everybody there treats you like you are the Queen herself!  Very nice experience and when I have gone elsewhere, I’ve had to come BACK and have Parker fix all the “savings” I tried to make.  You can’t go wrong here.  WAY worth the money you spend there and they always have deals for first time clients to make it approachable financially.

Victoria M – Fort Lauderdale, Fl – 12/2/2011 … Anyone who knows me knows how picky I am and how difficult it’s been for me to find a hair stylist who doesn’t want to chop off my length.  Well I found her at davidKspace.  Anita you did an outstanding job!  As long as I live here in South Fl you’re my girl!  And I have to say the enitre experience was fantastic. I was treated like royalty by everyone. TY David, Anita and everyone at davidK.  I’ll be back 🙂

Beth M – Loxahatchee, Fl – 10/7/2011 … Parker is amazing! He will give you the most super haircut you could ever imagine. Not only is he incredibly gifted but everyone at the David K space is very friendly and helpful, they will go out of their way to give you the best experience you could have at a salon. I am not a person who goes as regularly as I should (I consider myself almost too low maintenance!) and I always walk out with a cut that is perfect for me. You will not be disappointed, I don’t ever want anyone else to touch my hair.

Marshall H – Palm Beach Gardens, Fl – 9/30/2011 … Davidk christina r fab.   Parker, however, is brilliant by any standards and. I come from NYC

Jennifer N – West Palm Beach, Fl – 5/10/2011 … David K Space has turned out to be my favorite place for my hair needs.  I feel like part of the family from the moment i arrive.  I’ve done everything from Kareten treatments to my blue hair extensions.

Jonathan D – West Palm Beach, Fl – 5/10/2011 … thedavidKspace salon is unlike any other.  David’s artistic approach spans from the interior design of his New York Style boutique salon, to every head of hair he touches, taking it from a cut and dry to an actual lifestyle choice.  His staff is not only talented, they are a collective group of rock star personalities, making every visit one to be remembered.  Parker Plotkin, the head hair “artist” and manager of the salon, takes your average look to new heights with his instinct vision of what not just fits your look but your personality.  His kind personality and witty demeanor make a haircut something to look forward to.  thedavidkspace will only get my business, nowhere else.

Jim K – Jupiter, Fl – 4/29/2011 … Everything at thedavidKspace is top of the line.  Our entire family enjoys the services, and we’re always thrilled with Anita’s styles, which can only be described as MAGIC!  Anita has a vision that is remarkable — she can see what your style should be and makes it happen.  Trust her once and you’ll never go anywhere else. This is a place that understands what quality AND customer service mean, while maintaining value.  It is truly a rarity to find somewhere today where you can be ecstatic about the full experience, but this one of those places.

Audrey R – Boca Raton, Fl – 4/29/2011 … I will NEVER trust anyone but Parker to cut my hair. I have been his client since 2005. I regularly have strangers approaching me, commenting and inquiring about my hair! I travel from Boca to West Palm Beach to see Parker regularly. I am his biggest fan! And, not to forget, the David K Space is a beautiful and hip salon… I feel extremely comfortable there and the staff is great! -Audrey

Dan M – West Palm Beach, Fl – 4/29/2011 … The DavidKSpace is a slice of New York City chic right in the heart of West Palm Beach.  The Dynamic Duo of famed stylist David K and rising star Parker Plotkin have brought a new level of class and sophistication to the art of hair styling.  That is why the DavidKSpace was the official salon of my Fox Business television show.

Adriane S – Lake Worth, Fl – 4/28/2011 … Parker at the davidKspace salon is truly savvy with his scissors.  His cuts are innovative, sexy, and fun.  Parker makes you feel special as he attends to exactly what you desire- asking questions or making great suggestions!  What sets Parker apart from other stylists that I have ever encountered (besides his brilliant cuts) is that he doesn’t insult your previous haircut or color.  Parker is professional, courteous, and  awesome!

Sandy K – West Palm Beach, Fl – 4/28/2011 … I went to a really true Boutique Salon, the DavidK Space, for the first time after not having had my hair cut for several months; which for me was the norm. I have in the past always just gone to a Barber Shop, about twice a year; but Parker Plotkin did such a great job on my hair that I’ve been back again, and plan to continue going to the DavidK Space Salon and having Parker cut my hair in the future. I wash my hair daily and always just allow it to air-dry. I’m still a beatnik in this sense.  Parker was able to make it look as if I’ve always gone to a stylist – and for that I want to sincerely thank him! I really have to say that Parker Plotkin has given me what have been the absolute best haircuts I’ve ever had; and at what I consider to be a very reasonable price. Parker is in my opinion, really one of the best stylist in the Palm Beaches, and he’s working in what has to be one of the TOP Salons in all of the Palm Beaches – The DavidK Space Salon! I find that words can’t even begin to describe how good I believe Parker is, but I’ll try: Parker Plotkin’s an absolute artist, being able to take an average scene {my hair} and turn it into what I’ve been told by others looks like a work of art!

Lizzy M – West Palm Beach, Fl – 4/28/2011 … As a women who loves getting my hair done and has been in constant search of a salon that can give me incredible hair and make me feel comfortable, I have found a home at the david K space.  I went to the salon the first time a year and a half ago and have been a loyal and faithful customer ever since.  Not only do they know hair, the customer service is above and beyond incredible.  Parker cuts my hair and he is simply amazing and truly has a gift.  I encourage all to go to the david K space.

Ilean Z – Stuart, Fl – 4/28/2011 … Yup! So happy to have found this place in my Florida adventure. Melrose slays a haircut. I so much appreciate the full service attention. So personable and professional, this place could exist anywhere and be tops. 5 stars all the way.

Brent G – Lake Worth, Fl – 3/17/2011 …  David and his team (especially Parker), make rockstars of the ordinary. Not only do they provide a great experience, they listen and zone in on just the look you want. New York’s style transplanted and thriving!

Ellen B – Boynton Beach, Fl – 1/6/2011… I had my hair cut and glazed at the David K Space today and have never experienced such amazing customer service and artistic expertise! Kim did the glazing and her experience with color was incredible! What shine and richness! Anita did my haircut and what an artist she is. She did a dry cut and although I have never had a cut done like that, it turned out incredible. Anita made sure every hair was precisely cut and styled impeccably. Every member of the staff had such great customer service skills and I really enjoyed my overall experience. It is so worth the trip to this step above salon! Pamper yourself or better yet, let Kim and Anita pamper you! Fabulous!!!!!

Travis K – Jupiter, Fl – 7/15/2010 … The davidkspace is a wonderful salon that exudes the utmost professionalism. The salon itself is beautiful and the staff is warm and inviting. The haircut that my girlfriend received was one of the best she has received. The courtesy and professionalism of the Salon is exactly what this Industry is missing… great job David K. I’ll go nowhere else.

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Sharon G, West Palm Beach, FL – January 28, 2013 … Kim – you can do no WRONG – you make coming to the hairdressers such a pleasure – your work is nothing short of perfection. Thank you :-))

Susan R, Lantana, FL – January 22, 2013 … Dania is an excellent “Cutter”. I always enjoy being pampered and thedavidKspace!

Joan S – January 20, 2013 … Unbelievable attention to detail. It is wonderful to be the recipient of their expertise and creativity! Parker listens to me, and makes me feel wonderful (and younger ) when I leave!

Anonymous – January 19, 2013 … Awesome haircut by Anita as usual. I’ve gotten my hair styled/cut when long and when short. It’s come out great both times. This place has an awesome feel and ambiance, and Anita is awesome.

Ron C – January 17, 2013 … This is the best. David is a master at his craft!

Pauline E – January 14, 2013 … Always a delightful relaxing experience knowing I am in good hands… my hair!

Anonymous – January 13, 2013 … Always a great experience. I look forward to going every month.

Donna P – January 8, 2013 … Love the way they know how to make the most of my hair. Always a good cut and they work with my style.

Sue G – January 6, 2013 … This is hair heaven! From the moment you walk into their beautiful space you immediately feel as if you are in a big city salon without the big city prices!!! The front desk staff is courteous, professional and makes you feel welcome. I have never been to a salon where you meet with a director first to discuss your hair needs and then he refers you to the stylist that would best suit you….but this works. My stylist was Melrose and she gave me the best cut I have ever had. Their concept of washing and drying your hair before the cut was also a new one for me. David K salon uses the finest products and the results are amazing. The owner, David, also came out to say “hello”. I have never felt this welcome in a salon and would highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for a new hair salon. Dania, the person who shampooed and blew out my hair did an amazing job…she is on her way to great things!

Anonymous – January 2, 2013… Always such a pleasure to visit The David K Space. The wonderful experience starts from the moment I walk in the door. All the staff are helpful and cheerful. Melrose is SO TALENTED!!! Thank you.

Molly P – January 1, 2013 … Parker was great, as always.

Lisa F – December 30, 2012 … Excellent! as always.

Candice G – December 23, 2012 … Staff was courteous, prompt, and listened to my wants for the cut.

Janet – December 19, 2012 … Please tell Brittany this is the BEST haircut she has ever done!!!! Have a happy holiday all you folks. See you after the first of the year.

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