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iconic Style manifesto (addendum) . installation #02a . 07.21.11

iconicStyle manifesto (addendum)

iconicStyle is an instantly identifiable signature style… timelesslytranscending fashion and trends through incomparable attention to detailand a keen sense of the arts, style, fashion and culture at large…

informed by the history of iconic hair, iconic fashion and iconic style, the zeitgeist and the limitless possibilities of an imagination inspired by “the everything”

if you could have only one fashion accessory, without question, an individual hairstyle is the “iconic” signature accessory to own

a woman’s haircut and style is her single most important fashion accessory… her second most important accessory is a new pair of shoes

(addendum) to the iconicStyle manifesto 07.21.11


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when experience becomes memorable

and unforgettable becomes timeless


First Place

“Intercoiffure Nouveau” 2011 National Creative Color & Cut Competition

Haircut & Styling . Anita Hawke . Education Director thedavidKspace . 1st place

Color & Makeup . Addison Clarke . Colorist thedavidKspace . 1st place

Model . Francesca Barilla

Photo . Hadriel Gonzalez


iconicStyle… is an instantly identifiable signature style… timelessly transcending fashion and trends through incomparable attention to detail and a keen sense of the arts, style, fashionand culture at large

musified… to be inspired by another; touched by the essence of the muse

timeless… beauty… mode… excellence… cool


“Because; New York is wherever I am.”


© 2011 David Kinigson and the musified group. all rights reserved.

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iconic style manifesto . installment #02 . 07.19.11
iconicStyle manifesto (elemental 5)
I . street history… habitually ‘burban (earth)
History tells us fashion habitually looks to the “street” informed by the youth culture. Not long ago, in an analog era, fashion inspiration took years to gradually make its way from Paris, Rome, Milano and New York to ‘burban communities.
II . asphalt culture… devilish whimsy (fire)
No longer confined to the asphalt jungle, fashion inspiration is neither mandated by the haute couture runway, nor is it dictated by the devilish whimsy of Prada-draped editors.
III . cyber ethos… conscious collective (wind)
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STMLDS Awareness 07.16.11

“When I get really old, should my memory fail in a way I can’t remember details and other triviata from my past, even more frequently than I don’t recall such minutia now, I would, however, wish to remember ONE thing. I would like to have the recollection that I was, in fact, forgetful when I was young.”

David Kinigson sits on the board of directors of the STMLDS Foundation for short term memory loss disorder syndrome sufferers worldwide. National STMLDS Day is celebrated annually on the 20th day of April. (It is never a Monday Holiday)

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Prologue . “New York is closer than you think!” installment #01 . 07.13.11
Prologue… ”New York is closer than you think!”
by Tristan T. Landy
Born on a gossip free, fully booked Saturday afternoon, in the smoke filled staff room of a cold wave incensed wall papered beauty parlor; educated on the didactic streets of downtown NYC; descendant from an elite folklore spoken down lineage, in an unbroken bloodline to a modern London, Vidal Sassoon and the unsung scissor that is Roger Thompson…
David Kinigson – a once well known, controversially outspoken and popular Fifth Avenue hairdresser, having made his bones and paid his dues some twenty years earlier during the silver era of precision cutting, rising up through the editorial fashion ‘zines and runway scenes, respected for his (r)evolutionary philosophies, visionary ideas and original theories, and whom Allure magazine, in the summer of 95, named its first “Shear Genius” – beautifully imploded and mindfully closed his influential Salon Dada and Dada Academy NYC in the summer of 1997.
Near the end of 98, following a robust coast-to-coast year and a half on the (pre-reality-TelePrompTer-ready-behind-the-chair-dot-commerce) Modern, American and International Beauty Show main-stage-education-circuit, David discreetly dropped out of the high profile ‘cause celeb célèbre haute couture hair, beauty and DK NY fashionista tumult.
Subsequently, and 10 years after Dada – like a young bohemian on the DL exploring subterranean lo-fi LES antifolk, beatless and the Nashville music scenes, writing, editorializing, walking the ontological Tao, testing the boundaries of the relative and quantum physics of haircutting and having been touched by the outstretched finger of a mortal muse living only to be musified – David reemerged from self imposed exile, at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve Day 08, with a new beauty brand… thedavidKspace . a boutique salon and progressive academy . thedavidKspace.
As if awakening from a back from the future kind of comber, many of David’s trademark theories, protocols, practices and concepts such as: Couture Hair,Method Cutting, Consultation Fundamentals and inGenius dry haircutting techniques have assimilated into the fabric of salon culture expanding the salon experience.
In this nouveau corporate order and socially infused celebrity worthy world, some might say, “you’re just not famous enough.” Now stepping out from the dimensional shadows of a pre internet analog era, “the most famous haircutter you’ve never heard of”* David Kinigson aka David K shares his post-modern philosophies, thoughts and life experiences with you.
Break on through your mode iQ and explore the adventures of physical hair, relativity and the human element… (these are) confessions of a heterosexual male hairdresser on his career-long quest for the perfect haircut and a musified life.
Tristan T. Landy is the style editor at Closer Magazine; he is senior curator of the Harrod Museum at Summerhill. Among his published prosody is the seminal Man or Manifesto.
 “Be cause; New York is wherever I am.”
© 2011 david kinigson and the musified group. all rights reserved.
our next academy workSpace is…
progressiveDesign . trinity 102 . seamlessBlending
the art of dry haircutting for maximum appeal and movement
July 24 & 25 2011 (demonstrations, theory & “live” hands-on)
to register for an academy workSpace or for more information about booking an onLocation customDesign workSpace at your salon…
contact us at 561.340.6400 or

at thedavidKspace . a progressive institute of higher learning and a L’Oréal Professionnel National Academy – we offer a comprehensive curriculum exploring the ultimate synthesis in the artScience of hairCutting™ Secrets of Excellent hairCutting™  physicalHair™  inGenius techniques™ consultation fundamentals, original theories, inspirational conversation and methods of wet and dry haircutting.
to register for an academy workSpace or for more information about booking an onLocation customDesign workSpace at your salon…
contact us at 561.340.6400 or

David Kinigson is the author of The Haircutter’s Handbook, which includes The Standard Language of Haircutting and The Original Apprentice Manual. Endorsed by countless haircutting leaders, including Vidal Sassoon himself, The Handbook is used by more than 1500 hairdressers in over 2000 salons. This year The Haircutter’s Handbook celebrates its 25 year anniversary with the highly anticipated online “e” silver anniversary edition.
*Michael Kagdis . Publisher Palm Beach Proper
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“I am a challenged human being. I have a short attention span and I am easily distracted when I work. In some areas, in order to achieve, I have to focus; in other areas things come with little effort. Either way I excel up to a point.

Truth be told, I can only do one thing really well and that’s cut hair. I have devoted my life’s work to the quest for haircutting excellence; toward that end I educate others in expanding their own skills and transforming the salon experience.”

excerpt from… the physical hair papers . the theory of hair relativity
© 2011 david kinigson and the musified group. all rights reserved.