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(and in th end) a personal message from david kinigson as we approach the completion of another year i invite you to take a moment and think about this…
every one of us is different from the other
each with our own quirks and idiosyncrasies, shortcomings and attributes
in our own unique way we are all different
yet it is our individuality that we have in common
the differences we share are precisely what makes us the same
some of us are shy, timid, willing to go along and
some of us are assertive, vocal, willing to take a stand
we are decisive and we have doubts

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Everybody Lies . (a soul song) . 08.10.11

you c’est non vérité, say what you say, I mean, I’m just saying
you know the way deux faux pas,  you’ve gone way too far, with your je ne sais quoi
some might say, qu’est–ce que c’est; there must be more, ca plane pour moi
what you don’t know, it’s all for show, cause everybody lies
you lie when you need to, when you don’t mean to, when they call your bluff
you know you’re pretty sharp, get set on your mark, they got a good head start on
you run and you hide like Bonnie and Clyde; live and let die and try to behave
and not get caught; there must be more, for real, for sure
what makes it insincere, it’s false hope and it’s fear I see it in your eyes;everybody lies

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(these are) confessions . 08.07.11

“I have geniosity in some areas of life and in others I’m just an ordinary dumbass!”

license to touch 13 . 10 Dry Cutting Tips, Tricks & Techniques from David Kinigson . 08.04.11
“Think about it: how often do you dry cut?
Many stylists dry cut only at the end of a haircut–just for the finishing touches and nothing more. If that sounds like you, international hairstylist David Kinigson thinks you should reconsider.”
“Dry cutting is like dry martinis — a sophisticated, acquired taste that gets better with every experience.”
“David Kinigson is a dry cutting proponent — he thinks the technique is an exciting way to elevate the art of the haircut.
Is he right? Why not check out his 10 dry cutting tips and decide for yourself?”
Cailley Hammel –
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(these are) confessions . 07.29.11

You know what I always say,”The secret to coolosity is owning your dufosity.”

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The Tao of (dry) haircutting . installation #04 . 07.29.11

The Tao of (dry) Haircutting … Mode iQ & The Human Element

Haircutting is both a science and an art. The science of haircutting reveals the tools, pathways and secrets, which unlocks the door to the spiritual art of revealing true beauty.

I began cutting hair 38 years ago during what I affectionately refer to as the “silver era” of geometric haircutting. More than 30 years ago, as my understanding of theory progressively developed, I realized dry haircutting had more value than simply “cleaning up the line.” I soon discovered there are unique benefits from both wet haircutting and dry haircutting.

In wet cutting we see the directional patterns of growth and the distinct planes of the head. With dry haircutting we see movement and feel the texture of the hair.

My friend and mentor Vidal Sassoon once said, “For me, haircutting is architecture with a human element.” For 50 years we’ve explored the architecture of haircutting. That architecture was the inspiration for geometric haircutting. A clean single fluid line and the architecture of graduation becomes a geometric shape. The geometry of haircutting is classically fulfilled while executing a wet precision haircut.

But, what of the human element?

For me, the human element of haircutting is communication and physics. Like the fine art of bonsai… the human element is at once attainable and elusive, fleeting, yet available. It is the perfect synergy of material (hair), skill (technique) and being (communication).

The human element is poetic; it is spiritual. Haircutting technique exponentially expands when elementary relative and quantum physics are explored in relationship to haircutting and the client experience. The physical haircutting mode and the exploration of the human element become available by expanding the client conversation and dry cutting skills.

The divine sculptor, Michelangelo, “sees the angel waiting to be set free” carved from the stone; the revolutionary painter Jackson Pollack, “see what wants to be painted” on the canvas.

The post-modern hairdresser has the opportunity to “listen for for the style waiting to be heard” and “look for the beauty wanting to be  seen” touched by the muse, feeling, revealing and unconcealing inner beauty. A discovery of self… exceptional professionalism… mastery of craft… cool iconicStyle & a commitment to the extraodrinary with a keen awareness of the arts, style, fashion and culture at large

If we can think geometry and practice geometric then we can think physics and practice physical hair.




“Because; New York is wherever I am.”


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(these are) confessions . 07.28.11

“I love women.

I love admiring them; and I love being admired by them.”

license to touch 9 Exclusive . 10 Dry Cutting Tips, Tricks and Techniques from David Kinigson . 07.26.11 EXCLUSIVE

10 Dry Cutting Tips, Tricks and Techniques from David Kinigson

(excerpt from the tao of (dry) haircutting)

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(these are) confessions . 07.26.11

“The secret to effective slacking is to produce outstanding results.”

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you can learn a lot by observing . installation #03 . 07.25.11

I received an anonymous email, the subject line blank, from an undisclosed mailer-daemon via an untraceable IP address. I retrieved the suspicious email from my junk box and proceeded to read the fwd:ed post. I’ve reposted it here because I think the writer expresses a valid point of view. I don’t know if the correspondence would pass the for real or for sure standards; true or false, urban legend, you decide. Not for nothin’, I’m mean, I’m just sayin’.
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