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at thedavidKspace salon & academy we are equally committed to the future generation of hairdressers as we are to the growth and expansion of our company. (in fact, the two go together hand-in-hand.) through our state-of-the-art coaching technology and acclaimed continuing education programs we empower hairdressers to be leaders, to express their talent and passion for hair, to be wildly successful and, most importantly, to be an integral part of a team committed to transforming the salon experience.


we train from within… we are a salon and a national academy with intern, apprentice and protégé programs that offers you the aspiring professional hairdresser, a comprehensive and curriculum and a structure for fulfilling your career goals and objectives.



your career path… as you progress through our level system you will develop a wide array of technical, communication, business and professionalism skills, as wells as, poise, manners and public speaking skills. by practicing certain skills sets and developing good habits a promising hairdresser can excel. we are a national academy and top editorial salon (fashion shows and photo shoots) with a New York City lineage… we have a unique beauty philosophy and believe creativity, energy and inspiration are as important to your training as is technical, professional and business skills. all things combined you will experience a career you are proud of.


“every haircut and color a work of art”… an opportunity for excellence and exceeding expectations

“From time to time, I’ve heard hairdressers make a case that, every haircut (or color) doesn’t have to be a work of art; “You’ve got to get the clients in and out if you’re going to make any money.” I disagree and say, yes, every haircut does have to be a work of art; or, at the least approached as the creation of a work of art. Each and every haircut/color/client is an opportunity for excellence, creative expression and personal style.” • David Kinigson


thedavidKspace apprentice program at a glance

phase1 . assistant to apprentice . brand orientation, beauty philosophy and essential skills . (review after 3-6 months)… every new hairdresser begins with a great attitude, essential foundation skills, product knowledge, brand orientation, beauty philosophy and protocols for excellence

phase2 . apprentice to protégé . technical and professional skills . (review after 6-9 months)… a great attitude, departmentalized haircutting and/or color and enhanced styling skills, attention to detail and customer service is necessary to diligently carry on your career path… where every detail matters and nothing is overlooked

phase3 .  protégé to stylist . advanced skills and iconic style . (review after 12-18 months)… a great attitude, proactive business skills, creativity, talent and intentional action pays off as you complete the program and become an official davidKspace new talent stylist… when experience becomes memorable and unforgettable becomes timeless

your education experience continues… as a member of thedavidKspace style team you will be offered a wide range of continuing education opportunities; academy workSpaces, featured artist programs, national industry events, product knowledge classes and off site educational programs… ask about our intern and protégé program

top foto . john ciambrone . model stephanie covert
middle foto . jim bastardo . model bella rigazza
bottom foto . hadriel gonzalez . model francesca barilla
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